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Dispute Resolution / Commercial Litigation, Employment Law (For Employers), Employment Law (For Employees)
At Couchman Hanson Solicitors, we know that legal pricing can be confusing at times and we want you to be 100% clear on our fees. We know it’s important that you’re in control of what you’re spending as well as what you’re getting for your money. So we are open and honest about our pricing and keep you informed before we formally undertake any work on your behalf.

  • Initial 30 mins consultation – FREE

  • Next stages of work – Fixed Fee advised

  • Hourly rate range – £90 to £320 per hour depending on the grade of solicitor / adviser required
    (We will always try to distribute work between advisors to ensure best value for money)

  • Pricing is inclusive of VAT

We are passionate about helping our clients and offer bespoke pricing packages to help each client access justice at the appropriate level. We put our clients first and focus on providing a professional service whilst ensuring value for money.

We can produce a tailored Costs Budget which sets out fees likely to be incurred if your case goes to Trial or Hearings and will discuss them with you so that you are clear and able to make an informed decision.

Probate, Estate Administration
At Couchman Hanson Solicitors, the quality of service we provide to our clients is paramount.  We offer a free consultation to discuss the complexity of your case followed by a quotation for the work required.

  • Initial consultation – 30 mins FREE

  • £160 – 320 per hour on a ‘work time basis’ only and not on the value of the estate
    (We will always try to distribute work between advisors to ensure best value for money)

  • For complex cases we provide an estimate of fees before commencing any work on your behalf

  • Related disbursements (expenditures) e.g. probate application, swearing of an oath (Executors), Land Registry fees

  • Pricing is inclusive of VAT

The costs of administering the estate will depend upon the complexity and amount of work involved.  Often a larger estate can be more straightforward to wind-up than an estate with a large number of small accounts and other holdings.  Where full Inheritance Tax Inland Revenue Returns are required, this increases the time involved but we provide you with an estimate of fees. We will seek agreement on fees with you before we commence any work on your behalf.

In addition to our fees, there may be related expenditures which you will need to incur and we will advise you of these.

Each Administration is different but our experience enables us to provide accurate estimates and we always keep you informed of costs incurred throughout the process.  So, whether the estate has a Will or not, is taxable or not the cost will only depend on the time taken to complete the Administration.

At Couchman Hanson Solicitors we encourage all our clients to make a will.  Although many of us put this off it is an essential piece of financial housekeeping that records accurately how we wish our assets to be distributed whilst providing those we love with certainty when they will be distressed at an extremely difficult time.

Getting expert legal advice from people who are compassionate and experienced is what our clients appreciate most when going through this type of emotional process.

We are happy to have an initial conversation with you FREE of charge (up to 30 minutes) to see if we are what you’re looking for.

We offer fixed fees for straightforward single Wills and our prices start at £330.
Our single Wills including Trusts start from £594 and our flexible single Wills are from £714.

Simple mirror Wills are available from £594 and complex mirror Wills from £1,074

Pricing inclusive of VAT.